0 to 100.

I drive around in an old car with two proudly displayed bumper stickers. One that simply says “Recover Life” and the other that says “Start a Revolution. Stop Hating Your Body.” Neat, right? Sure. However, it dawned on me one day as my windows were down, a cigarette in hand…I am a driving contradiction. I […]


    I’m out on a smoke break at work (shocker). Seriously, I must have PLEASE TALK TO ME written across my forehead. I thought I had a pretty solid resting bitch face, but it just doesn’t stop people from inviting themselves into my quiet time. Quite often I try to bury myself into my phone, looking busy “texting” my friends, […]

Three Six Five

Two Thursdays ago marked the 365th day that I went without an alcoholic beverage.  Yep, St. Patrick’s Day. How ironic since I’m Irish-Catholic, am I right? Anyway, 365 is a lot of days for a girl who spent the last ten years as a professional binge drinker. Very rarely do people realize that their last day of […]


  Written sometime in 2014… I’m five years old. I go to A.M. kindergarten where the only time I engage in conversation is to say “here” after my name is called during attendance. Other than that, I keep to myself, too afraid to open my mouth in front of my peers.  They’d ask me my […]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

I’ve decided to dig up some old entries. Here’s a doozy.  I’m going to go ahead and give 2011 Abby some input from 2016 Abby along the way.  You can find those in (italics). Wednesday- March 2, 2011 Depressing entry #700 (buckle up, this should be good) I’m having a me night.  My parents are both staying with […]